• DUI driver to carry picture of man she killed

    By: Carl Willis


    ATLANTA,None - A drunken driver charged with vehicular homicide will have to carry a picture of her victim with her.

    That was part of the plea deal Christa Scott, 27, agreed to Friday.

    She will also have to stay drug and alcohol free and submit to random testing.

    As a result, Scott received 10 years with five years to be served in prison and five years on probation for killing Jordan Griner, 24.

    "After five years she will be free to live her life," Griner's father Toni Griner said. "Jordan doesn't get to come home. His sentence was eternity and he didn't do anything wrong."

    Griner was an outgoing University of Georgia graduate who interned under former Governor Sonny Purdue.

    "Every morning I wake up I pray it's not real, and when I do open my eyes, I'm angry to still be here and to know that it is real," Griner's mother Autumn Griner said.

    Family members said Griner had been serving as a designated driver on June 19, 2010.

    They said he dropped off several friends and was just a short distance from his apartment in Atlantic Station when he was hit and killed.


    Scott ran a red light and hit Griner's car at 17th and West Peachtree streets.

    Prosecutors said she blew a .229 on the Breathalyzer test.

    "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Scott said to Griner's family.

    "You should of thought of that before you got in the car," Griner's sister Tammy Griner-Horn responded.

    Griner was set to marry his fiancé Kristi Brenenborg in a summer wedding this year.

    Brenenborg said she was never away from Jordan for long, but last June she went away to Italy to study abroad.

    On the day she was to return, she learned he husband to be had been killed.

    "I could never imagine that those three long weeks away from him would turn into forever," she said.

    Family members say they do find comfort that Scott have to carry a picture of her victim going forward.

    "They felt like having his photo, even as she is in prison, would be a source of a constant reminder for her of how the consequences of drinking and driving had affected an exemplary young man," said Clint Rucker, Fulton County Assistant District Attorney.

    Still, the family's victim impact statements made it clear that their hearts were far from healed.

    "I feel like I have nothing else to be here for," mother Autumn Griner said. "i just want to hurry up and die so I can be with my angel baby boy Jordan Joseph Griner."

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