• Doraville denies donation request for officer's widow

    By: Richard Elliot


    DORAVILLE, Ga.,None - The city of Doraville denied a request from officers who wanted to cash in their paid time off and donate the money to the widow of an officer killed in the line of duty.

    Police detective Shane Wilson died two weeks ago while responding to a home invasion call. He was driving westbound on I-20 when investigators said a drunk driver heading in the wrong direction hit him head on.

    "Shane Wilson was an officer that when you met him, you knew him," said Doraville police officer Gene Callaway. "You liked him. He was our shining star."

    Callaway and other officers wanted to cash in their paid time off, pool their money totaling nearly $8,000, and donate it to Wilson's family.

    Doraville Police Chief John King said he felt the request was a "noble" one and passed it along to City Hall. But King said the city's legal department denied the request, saying there was no provision in city policy that allowed employees to cash in paid time off. King did say the city was looking into the possibility of allowing officers to cash in accrued comp time and donate that money instead.


    King also stated that he doesn't fault the city for making that decision since it does go against stated policy. He also pointed out that granting such a request would be a budget hit to a city struggling with its finances.

    Still, the decision angered many rank and file officers. Off the record, one believed the city council should've stepped in and voted to allow this one-time exception to city rules.

    Callaway hopes the city can find another way to allow them to help out Wilson's family.

    "You have the top down wanting to do the right thing," said Callaway. "Here we have the city trying to figure out how to do the right thing."

    Wilson's family said they were not aware of the officers' efforts, but did thank the city of Doraville for all its efforts stating it had "gone above and beyond" and that they "appreciated them more than words can say."

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