• Woman attacked, seriously injured on Silver Comet Trail


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - Police are searching for a man who attacked a woman on the Silver Comet Trail. Concern is growing as news about the crime spreads.
    Police said 42-year old Tina Waddell remains in the hospital after someone severely beat her and left her in the woods.
    Channel 2’s Amy Napier Viteri reached out to her husband on social media Wednesday evening. She didn't hear back but in a post on Facebook, he shared Channel 2’s story about the attack and asked for prayers for his wife.
    Investigators said Waddell suffered severe head injuries Tuesday evening while walking the trail in Paulding County near her apartment.
    Peter Skott was riding his bicycle on the trail when he found Waddell and called 911.
    In the 911 call released, Skott could be heard talking to Waddell, who was in and out of consciousness. Investigators said Waddell's injuries were so severe she could only tell them a man with dark hair attacked her. They believe Waddell managed to get herself back to the trail after her attacker dragged her to the woods and left her there.
    Deputies said the man didn't sexually assault Waddell and there's no clear motive for the attack.
    At the YMCA where Waddell worked, staff said they couldn't comment and said they were in the process of notifying parents about what happened.

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