'Give it up!': 69-year-old woman attacked, robbed at her front door (VIDEO)

'Give it up!': 69-year-old woman attacked, robbed at her front door

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police are searching for the person who robbed a 69-year-old woman carrying her groceries to her front door.

It happened Monday night at her home on Vernier Drive in the city of South Fulton. The woman's Ring camera captured the entire thing.

In the video, released by Crime Stoppers, you can see the woman, named Rosetta, didn't even have time to put the key in her door before she was ambushed by a man in a hooded sweatshirt.

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"Before I knew it, I heard, 'Give it up! Give it up!,'" she told Channel 2's Tom Jones. 

She said the man ran up behind her and knocked her to the ground.

"As I was tussling (with him), I was knocked over the planter," she said.


The man grabbed her purse and took off. Rosetta quickly ran to her car and screamed for her neighbor.

"I blew my horn, kept blowing my horn, calling, 'Artie, Artie, Artie,'" she said.

She's now traumatized and in a lot of pain.

"At first it was one of those situations where, 'Did it really happen to me?' It was like I was dreaming," Rosetta said. "It is something I will never, ever forget."

She told Jones she understands some people have issues and she even worked with offenders at one point.

"You don't have to take it out on innocent citizens, OK? You need to get a job and do the right thing," she said.

Jones, overwhelmed by her story, shared an emotional moment and a hug with her after she walked him through what happened.

Tom Jones shares sweet moment with woman after interview

❤ It's not about the news, it's about the people. Channel 2's Tom Jones was so touched hearing this woman's terrifying story today that he just wanted to give her a hug. The woman was ambushed and attacked at her front door last night as she got home from the store. Her powerful message to the man who did it, at 5 p.m. https://2wsb.tv/2E713cX

Posted by WSB-TV on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Police say the robber, who had a hoodie over most of his face, left in a dark colored car. Rosetta said she couldn't see it his face, but noticed his eyes.

"I got a look at those eyes. I will never forget those eyes. Never, ever," she said.

Police are asking anyone who may recognize the suspect or who has any information on this incident to contact Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS (8477) or online at www.StopCrimeATL.com.

Video captures 69-year-old woman robbed at her front door