Forget Valentine’s Day? Try the grocery store

This is the best place to get those last-minute Valentines Day gifts, according to Clark Howard

If you put off getting your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day gift, or maybe you just forgot to make plans, the supermarket may be your best choice for last-minute shopping.

Channel 2 consumer adviser Clark Howard says there are ways to save money and not shred your wallet if you need to get a gift quick.

Clark says this is the one time of year that grocery stores offer the best deals on roses.

Clark also suggests taking your Valentine to dinner on another day to save.

“A lot of places use special menus. They’re way too crowded," Clark said.

He suggests going on a night when no one is eating out. "You’ll have a better meal and experience for probably a lower price,” Clark said.


Maybe you forgot gifts for the kids. Clark suggests going to Dollar Tree or another dollar store because they often do a great job with Valentine’s Day gifts.

Clark says if you’re really cheap you may just want to go the day after and buy stuff on clearance.