Clark Howard: Self-driving cars a ‘big improvement' in highway safety

ATLANTA — Self-driving cars are on metro Atlanta highways right now, and you might not even know it.
Electric car manufacturer Tesla downloaded automation technology to some of its vehicles.

Channel 2 Action News Consumer Adviser Clark Howard got to take the technology for a ride. He said on regular streets, you still have to operate the car, but on the freeway, he was able to engage the car as the driver with just three clicks.
Clark said every function of the car is controlled by either computer modules or full on automations.
Clark says in the next couple of years, it will be completely common that your car will be able to do all the driving.
During heavy congestion, Clark says he's not yet comfortable with letting the car change lanes. He says if there is a vehicle is creeping into his lane, the car will sound a loud alarm, and the dashboard goes red for him to take back control from the computer.
Clark calls the technology a very big improvement in our lives and highway safety.