• Cobb Co. student suspended after being attacked at school

    By: Tony Thomas


    COBB COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Cobb County high school student said a classmate threatened her on Twitter then fought her at school -- but the district suspended both of them.

    The girl's mother, Ayanna Clark-Jones, told Channel 2's Tony Thomas she is upset because she tried to prevent the scuffle and said administrators at Campbell High School didn't act.

    "I stood with my friend. The female came up to me and she said, 'Hey,' and she hit me," Clark-Jones' said.

    The eleventh-grader is now at home, suspended for the maximum 10 days for her part in the altercation.

    "It upsets me. I need to be in school. I want to graduate," the girl said.

    She admits she defended herself by hitting back. Signs around the school warn of the district's zero tolerance policy.

    "Them telling me that she should have stand there and received a beating, and if not, we are going to kick her out of school for 10 days, that is totally unacceptable," Clark-Jones said.

    And what upsets Clark-Jones even more is that she said the attack was planned.

    The girl said the other student tweeted the night before that she would be throwing a punch. Clark-Jones said she called the school asking for help, but none was given.

    A Cobb County School District representative would only offer a statement saying, "I cannot comment on a student disciplinary matter. To do so would be a violation of federal law."

    "They are actually committing academic suicide because my daughter is looking at phenomenal colleges to go to and this is going to adversely affect her," Clark-Jones said.

    The family told Thomas they are trying to hire a lawyer to see what additional steps they can take.

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