• Clerk Error Means Drivers Could Face Suspended Licenses

    WOODSTOCK, Ga.,None - A municipal court error that went unnoticed for years could result in some drivers discovering that their licenses are now suspended.

    Drivers Learn Of Suspended Licenses 2 Yrs. Too Late

    The transmission error of traffic ticket dispositions to the Department of Drivers Services was discovered during a recently held municipal court clerk certification training class.

    "The failure to make proper notification to the Department of Drivers Services concerning the disposition of various motor vehicle cases is most regrettable for which I take full responsibility," said Woodstock Police Chief David Bores.

    The error affects traffic ticket dispositions in Woodstock dating back to 2008.

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    "Because this data entry error was recently discovered by our employees, corrective action has already been taken to insure that this situation does not occur in the future," Bores said.

    According to the Department of Drivers Services, drivers who were not notified by D.D.S about a license suspension will now receive notification and be required to serve the suspension without exception.

    "We are working closely with the Department of Drivers Services to insure that appropriate measures are taken so that no convicted violator is punished twice for their original offense" said Bores.

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