Clark's take: Retailers must pass this test to earn my business

One recent study says 95% of people want to be left alone while shopping unless they need a store associate’s help.

According to a consumer survey by HRC Retail Advisory, a strategic retail advisory firm, shoppers are turning to in-store technology for customer service instead of humans!

For example, about 85% of those surveyed want to be able to check prices at price scanners rather than ask an employee.

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New survey: 95% of shoppers want to be left alone in stores

The study found that shoppers are responding to some retail innovations like free in-store Wi-Fi, mobile promotions and sales, and the ability to reserve online and pick items up at the store.

However, consumers are less enthusiastic about those special in-store events that many retailers regularly hold.

For money expert Clark Howard, one of his main gripes is when he’s in a store and can’t find the price because it’s not clearly labeled or the merchandise is on the wrong shelf.

He says there are three simple things retailers can do to keep customers like him satisfied:

"A lot of what needs to go on in retail to make you and me happy is simple blocking and tackling. Disclose the price to us, make sure you put the merchandise in the right place and when I do need somebody, have a way for me to get to somebody to ask a question about an item."

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