• Channel 2 Investigates Controversial Insurance Consultant Company

    ATLANTA,None - Channel 2 Action News investigates an insurance consultant accused of "low-balling" crash victims on their wrecked cars. Consumer Investigator Jim Strickland learned the company called CCC Information Services was involved in settling 66,000 Georgia crashes last year.

    Paulding County businessman Don Anderson owns a glass repair franchise. A crash in Chattanooga totaled one of his service vans. Anderson said his insurer offered him $5,924.34, which is what CCC advised. He said he could not find a replacement part for anything near that price.

    "They offered me about two-thirds of the fair market value of the van," he said.

    John Velez's 2003 Jaguar crashed the next day. He said CCC offered him less than $7,000 with the deductible included. "I was really upset. I just really couldn't believe it."

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    Independent appraiser Antoine Rached came up with his own number on the Jaguar. He said the difference is more than $2,000. "They should compensate you for the full value of your car," he said.

    Strickland found records that show, in 2005, CCC and the 15 insurers it works for, settled a class action lawsuit. They admitted no wrongdoing, but paid $92 million to crash victims from 16 years worth of wrecks.

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    Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine summoned the company's CEO to Atlanta. Oxendine said it was to address a new crop of complaints. "I wouldn't be telling the CEO to come to Atlanta unless I had a suspicion and I was concerned."

    CCC did not respond to Strickland's request for an interview, so he went to Commissioner Oxdendine's office too. Strickland asked CEO Githtesh Ramamurthy is his company gave low-ball figures on totaled vehicles. Ramamurthy said CCC believes in transparency and uses price information from multiple sources, including its own team of field agents. Ramamurthy said the company does not have final say on what insurance companies pay.

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    "CCC is not an insurance adjuster. We do not adjust claims," Ramamurthy said. "That's what our customers do, and we supply information."

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    Oxendine said he's investigating whether CCC has too much influence over what insurance companies pay on claims. "They've got to be fair. They have a contractual obligation to put you as good as your were seconds before that accident."

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    Anderson's insurance company called in a different valuation consultant who came up with $8,678.60 on his totaled van. That's 40% more than CCC's value. Velez said he's still fighting for a better deal on his wrecked Jaguar.

    To contact the law firm handling class action lawsuit Click Here.

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