• Ch. 2 catches city employees parking illegally

    By: John Bachman


    ATLANTA,None - Channel 2 Action News has learned the city of Atlanta is cracking down on employees parking illegally at city hall.

    A fire hydrant and yellow curb clearly mean parking is off limits. However, Channel 2's John Bachman found a city of Atlanta employee parked there anyway Tuesday, right in front of city hall.

    There's no telling how long the Public Works truck was parked in front of the city hall fire hydrant. It was there when Bachman arrived. About 30 minutes later after Bachman showed pictures of the truck to the public works department spokesperson, the driver hustled to move it.

    Bachman asked the driver if it was his truck. He said, "Yeah."

    When Bachman asked why he parked there, he just shook his head.

    Bachman found other examples of city workers parking illegally throughout the city.

    "I guess they should be given tickets also, because we sure would be. I've actually got them here before," said Chad Gentry, who was at city hall doing business.

    In fact, Bachman observed a city police officer ticket an illegally parked pickup, but then drove by the city vehicles.

    "Certainly when you have a city vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant, that's a big concern. We take that very seriously," Reese McCranie, a spokesman for Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, said.

    McCranie acknowledged that parking is a problem at city hall. He said the city is cracking down on employees parking illegally.

    "We will be sending out a citywide notice, probably today, to all city employees to remind them that parking around the city hall complex is limited," McCranie said.


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