• Cain suspends presidential campaign


    ATLANTA,None - Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has announced that he will suspend his campaign after a slew of sexual harassment allegations and a claim of an extramarital affair.


    “As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign,” he said Saturday.


    Channel 2’s Michael Buczyner went to Cain’s southeast campaign headquarters in DeKalb County, where Cain announced his decision before hundreds of donors and supporters. He said the decision was necessary in light of the distractions, their affect on his family and his ability raise funding. He said despite dropping out, he will continue to be a “voice of the people.”


    Cain arrived at that event on a campaign bus, hand in hand with his wife Gloria. He took the podium refuting the sexual allegations, but said they have “created a cloud of doubt over me and this campaign.”



    Cain's poll numbers have plummeted since allegations that he sexually harassed at least four women and had an on-and-off affair with Dunwoody businesswoman Ginger White for more than a decade. Cain said she was a friend that he was trying to help. Since his announcement, White said she supports his decision but wants an apology.


    “His website refers to Ms. White as a ‘loser’ and the others who have courageously spoken out as ‘vile liars,’ ‘evil conspirators,’  ‘socialist cohorts of Obama,’ ‘scum’ and ‘pathetic and shameful women.’ We continue to encourage Mr. Cain to retract these statements and apologize for the way he has characterized these women in the media,” White said in a written statement.


    Cain said the allegations have been spun by the media and have hurt his family, but his wife is apparently staying by his side.


    “I am at peace with my wife and she is at peace with me,” Cain said.


    He added that he will continue to be force in conservative politics, launching TheCainsolutions.com, and he will continue pushing his 9-9-9 plan.


    “We will change it from the outside,” Cain said.


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