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Dimitrios Pagourtzis: Who is the suspect in the Santa Fe High School attack?

SANTA FE, Texas — A 17-year-old has been arrested after he allegedly opened fire Friday at a Texas high school, killing 10 people and injuring 10 others, according to law enforcement authorities.

Officials say Dimitrios Pagourtzis shot several students and school staff at Santa Fe High School, where he was a student, according to the The Associated Press.

Santa Fe High School is in Santa Fe, Texas, just northwest of Galveston, Texas.

Pagourtzis was taken into custody after the shooting.

The attack began shortly after school started Friday.

Two other persons of interest are also being questioned, authorities said Friday afternoon.


Here is what we know about Pagourtzis:

  • He was wearing "trenchcoat and big boots," according to a student who said he saw the shooter. Police have not confirmed what he was wearing.
  • He is 17 years old.
  • He is in the 11th grade at Santa Fe High School.
  • He threw pipe bombs into some classrooms, witnesses say. Devices were found in and around the school, officials said.
  • Pagourtzis allegedly used his father's shotgun and .38 revolver in the shooting.
  • Law enforcement says a pressure cooker with an explosive device was found at the scene.
  • A Facebook page under the same name as Pagourtzis, has been taken down.
  • A witness said students and coaches at the school would bully Pagourtzis and "call him names."

Here's more info about the suspect:

News conference on the deadly Texas high school shooting

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Posted by WSB-TV on Friday, May 18, 2018