• Bond granted for man accused in fatal wreck involving officer

    By: Tom Jones


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.,None - The family of an on-duty police officer killed by a suspected drunk driver are questioning a judge's decision to give him a bond.

    Gene Jones, 39, is accused of driving drunk and driving the wrong way on Interstate 20 when his car crashed head on into a city issued SUV with Doraville detective Shane Wilson driving.

    Wilson was on the way to a home invasion call. Jones is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

    A hearing was held in a DeKalb County courtroom Wednesday where a judge granted him a bond totaling $265,000.

    Wilson's widow tearfully told Channel 2's Tom Jones the criminal justice system has done Jones too many favors.

    "He's had too many chances. And now he gets to go home and gets to see his family and I never get to see my husband again," Katy Wilson said.

    Wilson's family said Jones has been arrested four times for DUI and has two convictions. They also said he has had several driving on a suspended license arrests.

    "I mean he's already had a failure to appear. What if he goes away and he doesn't get punished?" Wilson said.

    Prosecutors had asked for no bond. Jones' attorney asked the court for a $45,000 bond. Wilson was seething after hearing that.

    "That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous, He murdered a good standing person," Wilson said.


    Wilson's stepfather said the bond amounts to a get out of jail free card since Jones is considered a successful businessman.

    "Whenever he's released from the hospital he's got a ticket to ride. He's got a bond. That's what I got a problem with," he said.

    The bond order did include a condition that Jones not drive if he gets out.

    Wilson's mother, Gayle Hanson, said she was insulted by the bond Jones received.

    "There's got to be some punishment for people who don't make the right choices and take somebody else's life," Hanson said.

    The Wilsons had only been married two months.

    Wilson said Jones took away the man of her dreams and she doesn't want him to get away with it.

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    Bond granted for man accused in fatal wreck involving officer