• APS Students Return To School Amid Scandal


    ATLANTA,None - As the Atlanta Public School system battles to recover from a cheating scandal that ousted more than 100 educators, and an $8 million deficit, students returned to classrooms Monday morning.

    According to a state investigation, dozens of teachers and principals falsified CRTC test results to inflate scores. After the implicated teachers were placed on leave last month, the district scrambled to hire new teachers at the last minute.

    “It really is kind of scary because we want our kids to go to school to learn because education is very important,” said APS parent Deneethia Buggs.

    While the old teachers fight to clear their names, they remain on the payroll, costing a hefty $1 million a month, on top of the deficit. Parents dropping off their children at APS schools said the cheating concerns them.

    “I mean, it does, because my son really is smart, so I don't want him to get mixed in with that, but hopefully this year will be better,” Erica Body told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez.

    Body’s son, Eric, attends Dunbar Elementary School. Nearly 70 percent of classrooms at the school were flagged in the investigation. Many students will have to get remedial tutoring as a result of the scandal.

    “Don't just give them the answer. Help them. Let them figure it out on their own. They're smart enough. I believe they can do it,” Buggs said.

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