Six Flags unveils new 15-story, 70 mph ride

The new ride reaches speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

ATLANTA — Six Flags guests will have yet another reason to scream during their next visit to the park.

The amusement park unveiled Pandemonium today. Towering a staggering 15 stories tall, the spinning disk reaches speeds up to 70 mph as it whips riders back and forth through the Atlanta sky.

“Six Flags is recognized throughout the  world  for  delivering  the  industry’s  most thrilling  and innovative rides year after  year,” said park president Dale Kaetzel.

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“Pandemonium is the perfect mix of mayhem and adrenaline."

Pandemonium  is an oversized pendulum ride that will send up to 40 riders on a dizzying journey to extreme heights, delivering epic, high-flying  thrills for guests. Riders will experience weightlessness while flying 147 feet into the air.

The new ride is the centerpiece of the park’s new ScreamPunk-themed area, featuring revamped food locations and shopping experiences. ScreamPunk is a Six Flags twist on the popular steampunk subgenre, combining science fantasy with 19th-century industrial  steam-powered machinery.

Six Flags gave rides to members of the media today. The ride opens to the general public on May 24.