Biltong Bar offers South African beef jerky and booze

Ponce City Market??€™s Biltong Bar offers customers South African beef jerky and booze
Biltong Bar at Ponce City Market is quite the experience – a place that seamlessly combines South African beef jerky and booze.
It’s the brainchild of restaurateur and entrepreneur Justin Anthony, of True Story Brands.
Anthony is responsible for other Atlanta-based South African-inspired eateries like 10 Degrees South, Cape Dutch and Yebo Beach Haus.

ATLANTA — After seeing the response from the other popular South African spots, Biltong Bar was a no-brainer. So, what exactly is biltong?

“Biltong is South African beef jerky. It’s a little different from American beef jerky in that it’s air-dried, with no heat and no preservatives,” explains Anthony.
“There’s no cooking involved. It’s literally a natural process of curing the cut of meat we do and letting it cure for basically 7-14 days, depending on how dry we want it.”
And there are different kinds of biltong, including fat-on and fat-off, which give you different flavors.
Biltong pairs beautifully with all kinds of craft cocktails, beer, and wine, which you can order at the bar, stay and eat, or take with you and walk around the Food Hall.
“What we wanted to do is combine beef jerky and booze, so we created this environment where it was literally the first one on earth.”
And the bar also serves up mouthwatering dishes like biltong grilled cheese and a flaky chicken curry pie.
As to why he chose Ponce City Market as the opening location, Anthony says, “It’s the very first food hall that opened up in Atlanta. They were very particular about the restaurants and chefs they brought into the market, and we wanted to be part of that mix.”
Check out the video above to see Access Atlanta’s Brittany Tenenbaum get a behind the scenes tour of Biltong Bar, and taste a few of their signature dishes.
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