• 2 Atlanta spots make '21 Best Chicken Wings in America' list

    By: Nelson Hicks


    Who has the best chicken wings in America?

    Thrillist, the website that covers food, drinks, travel and more, recently picked the 21 best chicken wings from across the country.

    It should be no surprise to any Georgia chicken wing lovers that two local establishments made the cut. Even the list's author noted, "Admittedly, I thought the perfect paper box of steaming hot chicken was an Atlanta, Georgia creation."

    And although we could make the argument that Atlanta is the unofficial home of the chicken wing, they are actually a Buffalo, New York creation.

    But back to Atlanta. Which two local spots made the list? That distinction went to J.R. Crickett's and American Deli.

    J.R. Cricketts opened in 1982 near Georgia Tech. Thrillist notes that 35 years since the opening, the wings remain the stuff of legend.

    "A mention on Donald Glover's Atlanta for a mythical flavor called 'lemon pepper wet' only enhanced the profile," Thrillist notes. "The classic Buffalo are unfailing, the fries are nice and salty without overkill. The skin holds up to the sauces, whether it's the thick BBQ, wet teriyaki, or lemon pepper dry."

    As for American Deli, it's been up and running around Atlanta for years, too. The first store opened in 1989.

    "Get lost in the sauce by getting your wings smothered in BBQ, garlic parmesan, sweet chili sauces, or the Atlanta favorite, 'lemon pepper wet,'" Thrillist noted.


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