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T-Mobile Introduces $50 a Month Home Internet With No Data Caps

T-Mobile has announced that it is offering home internet service to certain existing customers around the country for $50 a month with no annual contract and no data caps. As of now the service is a pilot and by invitation only, but that could change at any time.

To get the $50 offer you must sign up for autopay, but the wireless giant promises that there are no hidden fees and no hardware costs. T-Mobile says it expects download speeds to be around 50 Mbps.

Could T-Mobile’s New $50 Internet Service Be Right for You?

Money expert Clark Howard is excited about the development.

“This is going to be great for people who live in rural areas and who have been at the mercy of their local cable companies for internet service,” he says.

In a video on their website, T-Mobile says that they are bringing home internet to "some of the most far-flung latitudes in the country" by running fiber connections to existing cell towers, then sending an LTE signal to a gateway placed inside your home.

The gateway device combines the capabilities of a modem and a router. It will be geographically locked to your home address, so unfortunately you won’t be able to travel with it.

T-Mobile claims that setting up the gateway is as simple as powering it up, downloading the T-Mobile Home Internet app, and following a few instructions.

How T-Mobile Home Internet Could Help You Cut the Cord With Your Cable Company Completely

If you were hoping to cut the cord with your cable company completely by combining T-Mobile Home Internet with one of the many live TV streaming services out there, you might be in luck.

T-Mobile says in a FAQ on its website that "T-Mobile Home Internet supports video streaming from multiple services, however live TV (e.g. live sports and live broadcasts) is not currently supported."

But a T-Mobile spokesperson told that YouTube TV live TV does work with the service and that others should, as well.

“Most live TV services will work with T-Mobile Home Internet, but it’s best that customers check with their chosen live TV streaming provider to make sure,” the spokesperson said.

When it comes to streaming, speed should not be a problem.

“Even though 50 Mbps isn’t the fastest out there, you should be able to stream to multiple devices at the same time with this service — no problem,” Clark says.

If you're interested in signing up for T-Mobile Home Internet but haven't received an invitation yet, you can go here to be alerted when the service is available to you.

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