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Our #1 tip for saving money on apps for your Apple product

To get the most out of your Apple device, whether it be a laptop, tablet or phone, you need to download many of the must-have apps.

While many of them are free, some of the best apps cost money. But here’s the thing: Many of you are overpaying for those apps.

Purchasing in the App Store? You could be overpaying

That's partly because apps generally cost more on Apple's platform than on Android.

But many apps cost more in the App store than they would if you just purchase them directly from the app developer.

The music streaming app Spotify is a great example: You'll pay $12.99 for a month of Spotify Premium (their ad-free option) if you download the app from Apple's App Store, but you can get it for $9.99 per month if you download it directly from Spotify.

That’s 30% more expensive — or $36 a year you could be throwing away!

Spotify Premium on the App Store

Spotify Premium on

Bonus: If you sign up through this Spotify page, you get an introductory three months for 99 cents. Offer ends June 30, 2019.

We used Spotify as an example of an app that you’ll pay a premium for if you buy it through the app store, but it is far from the only case where that’s true.

A subscription to YouTube TV, for instance, is $54.99 a month from the App Store, but just $50 per month if you subscribe directly.

You can see how the savings (or waste, if you make the mistake) can add up!

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