Nonprofit offers screenings, glasses to prepare students for school

Seventy-five students in South Fulton County are now armed with free glasses from a national nonprofit.

Vision to Learn provided screenings and glasses, which were given out at Welcome All Park.

Catch the students trying on their new frames Sunday on People 2 People at 12:30 p.m.

In early July, 300 children received vision screenings and a large percentage were given prescriptions for corrective lenses.

“We found the need (here) to be even greater than it has been program-wide,” executive director Anne Hollister said. “About a third of the children we screened needed glasses.”

Doctors at the University of California Los Angeles found 80 percent of classroom learning is visual. Researchers also note that low-income and minority students are disproportionately affected by untreated visual impairments and often have less access to corrective lenses.

The Fulton County Government Certified Manager Program partnered with the nonprofit to present the program.

Vision to Learn provides exams and glasses free of charge to children in low-income communities

The nonprofit is hoping to expand the program throughout Greater Atlanta.