Group of Atlanta moms come together to support families in need of school supplies

A group of moms are coming together in southeast Atlanta to help families who need a little extra support especially right now.

Channel 2’s Heather Catlin spoke with the woman who started a grass roots effort to make sure the kids in her community have what they need to succeed.

It’s called the Jabez Project. It’s a community based organization started by a mom and daughter to help inner city kids. It’s now supported by moms from all over Atlanta making sure kids get what they need.

The Jabez Project is dedicated to encouraging, enriching and empowering undeserved inner city kids. It first started as a free after school program for a few children, but the need continues to grow especially during the pandemic.

“Before we knew it we went from five or six kids to 70,” said Jessica Madden, co-founder of The Jabez Project.

“We’re making sure that our families have internet and that it’s running and they know how to connect it to the devices and we’re giving out school supplies to make sure that when school starts on Monday they have what they need to be successful.”

Madden and her mom not only take care of the kids but they also offer a support system.

“A lot of our parents are single parents, working parents and so to know that my child is in a place with caring loving individuals, they’re safe... Just know they have that support,” she said.

Madden says she is able to help her community because of support from other mothers in Atlanta.

“We have partnered with some amazing people and one of our biggest partners is ATL Moms making a difference,” she said.

“They just love our babies like we love them and just to see that they have just an invested interest as we do has been really refreshing.”

Madden said the biggest need right now is a place to call theirs where the kids can go and where they can store supplies. To get more information on The Jabez Project or how you can help, you can go to their Facebook page.