Before the Storm

What to do when a storm threatens or is approaching

Outside the Home

Prepare your home for a hurricane

Prepare your storm plan now

Use our handy checklist of what to do when a storm threatens or is approaching.

Inside the Home

Checklist: Prepare inside your home

Susana Raab / Palm Beach Post

Tips for indoor preparation

Use our checklist to make sure your supplies are fully stocked.

Mental Health

Tips for coping with the stress

How will you cope? Authorities and mental health professionals offer these tips. There is the rush to prepare, the nervous anticipation, the unsettling period during the storm, the loss of property, scavenging gas, or just living without power for a few days.


Hurricane Guide

2015 Hurricane Guide

Radar maps, latest news, videos and more to keep you current on the latest storm developments.


During the Storm

Don't panic during storm

What to do when a storm is hitting your area.


After the storm

Stay safe during aftermath

Tips on how to survive and recover after a storm