Body matches age, race of missing woman


ATLANTA,None - Three men made a gruesome discovery Monday afternoon when they found a woman's body hidden underneath a tree.

Police said the body was discovered on St. Johns Avenue in southwest Atlanta about 3 p.m.

Police told Channel 2's Ryan Young there is concern that the body might be that of missing Buckhead woman Stacey English.

"The decedent is an adult  black female, consistent in age with reported missing person Stacey English," Fulton County Chief Medical Examiner Randy Hanzlick said in a statement. "We have identified possible sources of dental and fingerprint records from Ms. English, but have not been able to obtain them for comparison to the decedent."

Hanzlick said the initial phase of the autopsy did not disclose an apparent cause of death and further studies will need to be performed.

English was last seen at her condo off Lenox Road around Christmas. English's Volvo was found running unattended on Dec. 27 near her home.

Police, along with friends and family, have been searching for English ever since.

The body found Monday was discovered in the same area that English's car was found and police called members of English's family to the scene.

"If this is not her, I have to still be sad because it's someone else's child," said English's aunt, Bernice English. She spoke with police and then talked to reporters not far from where the woman's body was discovered.

A Facebook page called "Help Find Stacey English" had a message posted on it saying, "We are so thankful and humbled by everyone's love, support and prayers. Please make sure you share the following information with everyone: as we sit here with the family tonight, we can share that there has been no official confirmation that the body found in Southwest Atlanta is that of Stacey English. Keep praying FB family!"

Family members said English had attempted suicide nearly three years ago and said she was taking an undisclosed medication.