UGA prospect's application denied over citizenship

by: Diana Davis Updated:

Chester Brown

ATHENS, Ga.,None - A Georgia high school football recruit, whose dream to play for University of Georgia, won't be going after all.

Sources tell Channel 2's Diana Davis it's because his UGA application was rejected because of a controversial state Board of Regent's policy adopted on October 2011.

Chester Brown of Hinesville, committed to the Bulldogs in July.

He was so happy he tattooed the date of his commitment on his arm after he made his pledge to UGA coaches. Brown has only said he's withdrawing his application for "personal reasons."

Brown's parents are Samoan immigrants. Though his mother says Brown was born in the United States he may not have been able to provide documentation to prove his status

The state Board of Regents policy said that means he can't go to UGA.

The policy was created in the wake of the Jessica Colotl uproar at Kennesaw State.

It states undocumented students can't take the place of qualified Georgia residents who would be turned away.

A regents committee formed in the summer of 2010 discovered 521 undocumented students among the 311,000 enrolled in the university system.

Reaction from students on the UGA campus was mixed Monday.

"I would imagine there has to be some form of proof, because I know it would be a big pickup for the team," student Evan Stincher told Davis.

Though losing Brown could hurt Bulldog's football, student Selena Hepburn told Davis she supports the policy.

"I think it's fair. The policy should stand for everyone no special treatment for any kind of sport even though football is important to UGA it should stand for every single student" Hepburn said.

Outspoken immigration activist D.A. King told Davis he's sad for Brown but, "We need to remember the sorrows of young American and legal immigrants who are denied admission to Georgia's universities while they watch illegal aliens take classroom seats."

No one from UGA would comment on the specifics of the brown case but told Davis that the university abides by the Board of Regent's policy.