UGA employee data found on website

by: Erica Byfield Updated:

ATHENS, Ga.,None - University of Georgia officials want to know how thousands their employees' Social Security numbers ended up on the Internet.

A UGA representative said a library employee stumbled across the Web page last week. The page listed information of 18,931 employees who worked for the university in 2002.

"I know it does not affect me, but that can ruin people's lives, so it's very shocking," UGA senior Kayla Schmadt said.

The exposed information included staff members' names, Social Security numbers and addresses.

"The university regrets that it happened. We don't think it's anything malicious. We think it's inadvertent, but none the less we want to be careful with important information like this, and we will work harder to do that in the future," UGA spokesman Tom Jackson said.

Jackson has worked for the university for more than 20 years.

"My name is on this list, everyone who worked here in 2002 is on this list, and I haven't had a problem from it, and I hope nobody else does either," he said.

It is unclear how long the page was on the Internet. School leaders know it was at least posted from 2008 to 2011 and may have been on the Internet since 2002.

Jackson said UGA has not had any reports of any staff members having any identity theft issues.

The university is working with an outside organization to figure out what led to the breach and will send a letter to everyone involved.