• Thieves use info from stolen computers for tax fraud


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - A sweeping case of identity fraud out of Paulding County is forcing dozens of people to scramble to save their finances.
    Dallas police said C.C. Accounting & Tax Service had a break-in on Dec. 3. They said the thieves stole the company's computers that were full of clients' sensitive information.
    Dozens of clients have reported that someone had already filed and received their tax returns.
    Steve Leone told Channel 2's Carl Willis he was one of the victims. "White collar crime is insidious," said Leone. “To me, I'd almost rather be held up at gunpoint."

    Leone said he was busy calling the IRS and canceling accounts. He was also concerned that his childrens' Social Security numbers were in the file.
    He also said it was concerning that the break-in happened in December, but he was only informed of the information breach in March.
    "All of the information was on the computers, so it took us a little bit of time to get things going," said Robert Cornelius, whose parents run the company.
    He said the tax service is working with police and the IRS to help their clients.
    "We're doing everything we can," Cornelius said. "It's not just our clients, my mom and dad were also victims. Their identity was stolen as well."
    Sgt. William Gorman of the Dallas Police Department said the number of victims continues to grow by the day.
    "Right now, we're somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 different people that have had their identities breached," Gorman said.
    Police believe the thieves use Social Security numbers then create fake W-2s.
    The business owners said they had no idea how many of their clients could be affected.
    Police said there are no suspects at this time and no real sign indicating how this happened.
    Gorman helped process the original crime scene.
    "There was not a whole lot in the way of evidence or clues, and there was no sign of forced entry into the business," Gorman said.
    Police said victims are being identified in Paulding, Cobb and Polk counties. They said an Atlanta police officer is among the victims.

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