State Fines Gwinnett Plant Over Chemical Emissions


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga.,None - The state is fining a Lawrenceville company, saying it's pumping too many hazardous chemicals into the air.

Dolco makes foam products, such as egg cartons. Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Aaron Diamant found enforcement orders that showed it isn’t the first time the company has faced emissions problems.

“That makes me a little nervous. I mean, I have two children, so I don’t want them breathing in any hazardous chemicals or things like that,” nearby resident Chris Williams told Diamant.

Earlier this month, the Department of Natural Resources fined Dolco more than $11,000 for releasing more than 50 tons of “volatile organic chemicals” over a 12-month period. That violates the terms of the company's state permit.

“Being somebody who just moved here, it makes me nervous that I don’t want to stay here very long,” Williams said.

According to online state records, Dolco violated the terms of its air quality permit twice before. In 2003, Dolco paid a $6,000 fine for emissions problems and another $11,000 in 2007. The company also paid a $13,000 in 1999 for violating state hazmat rules. In total, Dolco has paid the state more than $41,000 in fines over the last 12 years.

Dolco declined to comment on the matter, but residents spoke their minds.

“You need to stay within regulations. You need to be concerned about your neighbors. We are your next-door neighbors,” Senita Sultanovic said.