School aide fired after drug pipe found in bathroom

by: Mike Petchenik Updated:

ROSWELL, Ga.,None - The Fulton County school system has fired a teacher's aide after they say she brought a drug pipe to school.

School officials said they made the discovery in late December, just before the winter break.

A tipster alerted Channel 2's Mike Petchenik about the incident and then the school alerted parents about what happened Friday.

"The initial reaction is a little bit of alarm, obviously," was Mountain Park PTA president Kim Nolte's reaction to the news after learning 11-year school veteran Shirley Robinson has been fired.

"It's sad and we will miss her because she was a big part of the school for a long time," Nolte said.

Friday afternoon, Petchenik got ahold of a message principal Stacy Perlman sent home to parents about the firing. It said cleaning crews found what appeared to be a drug pipe in an eyeglass case on a shelf, out of children's reach, in a bathroom adjoining a classroom.

"A parapro in that classroom admitted to accidentally bringing the pipe to school. She has been terminated and her position has been filled by a former staff member," the message said. "There is no evidence to suggest the employee ever used the pipe at school or was ever under the influence around students. Also, no drug substances were found with the pipe and students were never in contact with it nor knew of its existence."

"I choose to believe it was a one-time incident," former school parent Tracy Meazell said.

Meazell told Petchenik while the news is disturbing she still has faith in the school and its teachers.

"It doesn't seem like something that would happen here," Meazell said.

Fulton school officials said they have referred the case over to Roswell police for criminal prosecution.

Petchenik with Roswell police Friday, and so far, they had no record of charges against Robinson.

Petchenik reached out to Robinson via Facebook, but has yet to respond.