State Rep. says he's terrorized by neighbor

by: Lori Geary Updated:

ATLANTA,None - A Georgia state Representative told Channel 2 Action News he’s afraid to be in his own home because of a neighbor who police have responded to 111 times over the past two years. 

State representative Ralph Long told Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary that he’s frustrated and he feels threatened by neighbors living on Katherwood Drive in southwest Atlanta. Long said the neighbor’s pit bulls sunbathe in the pond in his front yard and police are constantly called to the home to break up fights.

“I see every zombie who has an addiction walking from all over the neighborhood to converge here,” Long said. 

“I have a 3-year-old son, most importantly, who can't play in his front yard or back yard because I’m worried about him getting mauled,” Long said in reference to his neighbor’s dogs.

Long told Geary he’s cursed at every day when he comes home and he’d like to pack up and leave but he would not be able to sell the home because of his neighbor.

Geary filed an open records request to find that Atlanta police were called to Long’s next door neighbor 111 times in two years. Police made five arrests during those visits for disorderly conduct, simple assault and battery.

Mattie Brown, who owns the home, told Geary it’s not true.

“Ralph Long is a liar. That man is a nut,” Brown said. “Right after my mother passed, you know when somebody's mother passes, family have feuds, so it was a lot of commotion back then,” she told Geary.  She also showed Geary how all three pit bulls are kept in cages behind the home.

Brown called her life “a living hell” because of Long and denies anyone at her home ever threatened him. Brown said Long complains about everything and does nothing for the community.

“The worst part is something happening in front of their child and there’s nothing they can do,” Long said.

Geary and Channel 2 photographer Tracy Reeves witnessed a young child come out of Brown’s home unsupervised for several minutes and walk toward the street as a car passed by. When questioned, Brown only apologized to Geary.

The feud between neighbors could continue for some time. Brown said she has lived in the house for 18 years. Her mother gave her the home when she passed away and she has no plans to leave anytime soon.

Police told Geary they feel they’ve responded properly and made arrests when necessary. Long said he’ll continue to stand by his claims.

“If you're actually tormenting a neighborhood and bringing down the values and just torturing people, you need to lose your home because you're not a good neighbor.  You've affected the quality of life,” Long said.