Georgia delegates explained


ATLANTA,None - Georgia leads the ten Super Tuesday states with a possible 76 delegates available for the Republican presidential candidate.


Congressional delegates - 42

A majority of the delegates  are awarded based on congressional districts.

  • There are 14 congressional districts in Georgia.
  • Each congressional district gets 3 delegates, totaling 42.
  • If a candidate wins the majority of votes in a district he is awarded all 3 delegates
  • If there is a no majority in a district the first place finisher gets 2 delegates, the second place finisher gets 1.


At-large delegates - 34

  • To win an at-large delegate the candidate must have 20 percent of the statewide vote.
  • If a candidate receives at least 20 percent of the vote they get a proportional amount of delegates.
  • Three of the 34 delegates are RNC delegates that are awarded to the first place finisher


The Georgia Republican party will not announce an official delegate count for each candidate until after the results are certified by the Secretary of State. If a candidate gets delegates and then legally withdraws from the race the delegates will go to the convention unpledged.

If there is a brokered convention, meaning the nomination has not been determined, Georgia delegates are bound for their candidate for two ballots unless their candidate releases them.

State Delegates available
Georgia 76
Ohio 66
Tennessee 58
Virginia 49
Oklahoma 43
Massachusetts 41
Idaho 31
North Dakota 28
Alaska 27
Vermont 17