• Bill would prevent employers from gathering Facebook passwords


    WASHINGTON, DC - Two members of Congress have introduced a bill that would protect users of social networking sites from having to release their passwords to current or prospective employers.

    Rep. Eliot Engle of New York and Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois proposed the legislation that would prohibit employers from requesting a username and password to access the accounts to discipline, discriminate or deny employment to individuals or to punish them for not volunteering information.

    The law also restricts colleges, and universities and grade schools who may review a student application for admission.

    Schakowsky said, "The American people deserve the right to keep their personal accounts private," Schakowsky said. "No one should have to worry that their personal account information, including passwords, can be required by an employer or educational institution, and if this legislation is signed into law, no one will face that possibility.”

    The proposed law comes after numerous reports of employers asking potential employees to provide a Facebook password.

    Several states have already taken up similar legislation.

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