Police: Man Used Garden Hose To Steal Natural Gas


SUGAR HILL, Ga.,None - A Gwinnett County man is now in jail accused of stealing natural gas with a garden hose.

According to his arrest warrants, police believe his stunt put people's lives in danger.

"That doesn't sound like a good situation at all to me, no," said neighbor Doug Butler.

Sugar Hill City officials said the incident was spotted by a city worker.

He was doing a regular check of the local natural gas valves, when he spotted a garden hose coming out a gas valve on Lois Drive, according to the warrant.

"The cops were out here with the gas company trying to figure out what was going on," said neighbor John Botkins.

Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh pulled the arrest warrant for 48-year-old Paul Roberts.

Police say he was stealing natural gas from the city to get out of paying for it.

They say he broke the valve lock, stuck a garden hose into the valve and ran the gas straight into his home.

"I know that we have people around here that are stealing cable. It wouldn't surprise me if they were stealing gas," said Botkins.

But stealing natural gas is far more dangerous.

Police said Butler's actions put his neighbors' lives at risk.

"It sounds like someone was trying to rig something up not knowing what they were doing and not realizing the consequences of failing," said Botkins.

Roberts is now charged with theft of services, reckless conduct and criminal damage to property.