Police: Man Broke Into Home, Took Shower


ROSWELL, Ga. - Authorities arrested a man accused of breaking into a Roswell home Wednesday and taking a shower.

SLIDESHOW: Burglar Busted In Shower

Channel 2 Action News photographer Keith Pratley spoke with the homeowner who said he had come home to find a broken window in the back of his home located on Hardscrabble Trail in Roswell.

The homeowner told Pratley that he immediately started looking around the house, noticed that the bathroom door was closed and heard someone inside the bathroom.

Aaron Lutterbie IM Aaron Lutterbie Aaron Lutterbie

Police said the homeowner, identified as Clarence Kenn, asked the man what he was doing in his shower and the man replied, "My name is Travis, and I'm taking a shower."

Kenn then went outside and called police.

Police later arrived at the scene and took the man, identified as 30-year-old Aaron Dean Lutterbie, into custody.

Roswell police spokesman Lt. James McGee said the unidentified man insisted he was the "Duke of Germany" before he was taken to jail in north Fulton County.

Lutterbie was charged with criminal trespass.