Police: Drugs, guns sold at convenience store

by: Amy Napier Viteri Updated:

MORROW, Ga. - Clayton County Police arrested three people during a narcotics bust at a Morrow convenience store Wednesday night.

Investigators carried out boxes of evidence they said held drugs and guns from Moe's Outlet on Mt. Zion Boulevard.

"The business was being used to sell the drugs and as a result of that, that's why we're here today and we effected the arrest within the business," Officer Chandi Ashmore told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri.

Police said they began the month-long investigation after getting complaints from citizens about drugs being sold in the store. Narcotics investigators said they then were able to purchase drugs there and obtained a search warrant.

"Marijuana packaged for distribution, as well as firearms and possibly synthetic marijuana," Ashmore said when asked what they found.

Investigators impounded the workers’ vehicles and arrested employees Fernanda Tyer and Obrey Mason, as well as the store's owner, Dean Smith.

Regular customers were caught off guard by the scene and said they never suspected illegal activity inside.

"Bother me real bad because they were nice people and I would have never expected anything like that," said Paul Grover.

Police said they would not seize the business for now but the investigation is ongoing.