Oil Spill Taking Toll On Local Restaurants


GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Some Metro Atlanta area restaurants and supermarkets said they're feeling the pinch as a result of the massive oil spill in the gulf.

We found one item no longer on the menu at the Crawfish Shack in Gwinnett Count, and others could possibly become more expensive.

"Some catfish, tilapia, grouper, but definitely no oysters," said owner Hieu Pham. "Oysters took half the case, now it's an empty case."

It's nearly impossible to get oysters from suppliers, Pham told Channel 2's Manuel Bojorquez. He had no problem carrying them year-round before.

"Due to the oil spill, I can't get any oysters, especially from New Orleans because all the beds are closed and due to supply and demand -- the cost is ridiculously expensive right now," said Pham.

Prices are now two to three times more expensive according to restaurant owners, and that's leaving customers without some of their favorite foods. "We wanted an oyster po'boy but we made do with soft shell crab, said Larry Maxwell.