Nine people attempt to ride Scream Machine for 10 straight hours



AUSTELL, Ga. - Nine people boarded the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Over Georgia Friday morning. Five of them remained on the ride, not counting bathroom breaks, for 10 straight hours.

Six Flags hosted its first ever Children's Coasterthon. To earn a seat on it, participants had to raise at least $100 for the Children's Miracle Network at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. If the riders lasted all 10 hours, they received a season pass. The rider that raised the most money recived a trip to Six Flags Great America in Illinois, too.

GALLERY: Nine people try to ride Scream Machine for 10 straight hours

"It's kind of dorky, but I keep track of how many roller coasters I've been on," participant Paul Schramm told Nelson's News on "I've actually been on 444, exactly."

Schramm raised $1,176 and won the trip.

Schramm's strategy was to sit in the middle as much as he could and use plenty of sunscreen. Andrew Creech had the same strategy and got another tip from his cousin in Ohio, who has participated in a trio of coasterthons, too.

"He told me a few days ago, that after the first hour, you're really going to have to pee (because) it's so many g-forces on you," Creech said. "That's pretty much the biggest tip he gave me."

Participants were given a quick bathroom break every hour. If they didn't get back to the ride in time, they lost their seat and were disqualified.

The coasterthon raised $5,200 in total. Funds are set to benefit the rehabilitation services program.