NFL QB Kordell Stewart Arrested In Alpharetta


Kordell Stewart
ALPHARETTA, Ga.,None - Channel 2 Action News has confirmed former NFL star Kordell Stewart was arrested Wednesday in Alpharetta.

A source tells Channel 2's Mike Petchenik officers arrested Stewart on Windward Parkway and charged him with driving with a suspended license and failure to appear. He was booked into the Alpharetta City Jail.

Kordell Stewart Arrest Police Report

Stewart was a standout quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers and lives in Atlanta. Stewart also played in Chicago and Baltimore before turning to broadcasting.

Stewart released a statement through a public relations agency:

"Unfortunately I was arrested yesterday afternoon and detained one hour 45 minutes. I was unknowingly driving with a suspended license due to an outdated traffic ticket for tinted windows. The arrest has open my eyes about staying on top of my automobile issues with a closer eye. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Today I am focusing on keeping business in order and I'm patiently awaiting the NFL's season to begin."