Posted: 4:20 p.m. Friday, May 16, 2014

Teacher suspended for grabbing boys face, holding him against a wall

Parents had previous trouble with teacher


Barb Williams and Ian Nelson photo
Barb Williams and Ian Nelson
Teacher suspended for grabbing boys face, holding him against a wall

By Rick Couri

Hancock County, Ohio —

The boys parents had asked for their child to be removed from the teacher's room months ago, but the request was refused.

“The principal told us at the time that she was a highly recommended teacher, and they are unwilling to transfer him to a different class,” Anthony Nelson told Fox News.

Now, however, Riverdale elementary teacher Barb Williams is under investigation for manhandling Ian Nelson in a school hallway.

Surveillance video shows Williams picking the six-year-old up by the shirt, shoulders, and then pressing his head against the wall with her hand under his chin.

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 Superintendent of schools Eric Hoffman said he immediately suspended the teacher "10 days without pay."

“To tell you the truth, we haven’t dealt with this much at Riverdale and, first of all, I apologize to the parents. This should not happen to students,” Hoffman concluded.

Ian's family isn't happy with the punishment, saying it's not harsh enough.

Williams, meanwhile, has hired an attorney as police in Ohio decide if criminal charges can or should be filed against her.

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