Posted: 9:19 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012

4 people shot outside Stone Mountain club

Jay's Place
Jay's Place


Four people were shot outside a club in Stone Mountain on Friday night. Police said the shooting stemmed from a dispute over a drink.

“It started because somebody spilled a drink on somebody. That later turned into a fight that turned into a shooting,” DeKalb police Lt. C. Barkett told Channel 2’s Sophia Choi.

Two groups were arguing inside the Jay’s Place Lounge and Sports Bar in the Redan Plaza, DeKalb County police said. After security kicked the groups out, the fight spilled into the parking lot.

Police said two people in a car drove past a sidewalk and shot into a crowd. 

“As they were leaving the parking lot, they opened fire on the other guys they had the altercations with inside,” Barkett said.

Two female bystanders were shot along with two men involved in the argument, police said. They were each shot at least once, some of them more than once. The victims were taken to Grady Hospital for treatment.

“When they left here, none were life-threatening, but all were serious,” Barkett said.

Police scoured the parking lot for bullet casings and interviewed witnesses. Officers said they are working good leads. Witnesses told them the shooters took off in a small black car.

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