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Gwinnett Woman Stabbed 50 Times, Tells Survival Story



Shomona Sample says she is lucky to be alive.

The Gwinnett County mother recently survived a violent attack by her mother’s boyfriend.

SLIDESHOW: Gwinnett Woman Stabbed 50 Times, Survives

Sample said Joseph Palmer, now jailed, stabbed her 50 times with a pair of scissors and a knife as she was laid sound sleep. Sample said she awoke to the sharp pains.

“The whole time he's sitting on top of me stabbing me in the back of my head and everywhere," said Sample, who explained that her lung later collapsed.

Sample said she called out Palmer’s name thinking someone else was attacking her in the middle of the night.

RACHEL KIM: Gwinnett Woman Stabbed 50 Times, Survives

“I yelled Joe, Joe, please help me. Help me. Someone is attacking me. And he was like, no...it's me. I'm going to kill you," said Sample.

Police said Palmer stabbed Sample all over her face, chest, back, and head and severed an artery in her arm.

Sample told Channel 2 that her 5-year-old daughter went onto the apartment balcony screaming for help. Soon, two men came upstairs.

They found Sample, her daughter and other children hiding underneath a kitchen sink. Sample said her daughter placed her hands over her little brother's mouth so he would not make noise.

“She told me while I was waiting for the paramedics, mommy, I took the scissors so papa won't hurt you anymore," said Sample.

"I just want to know why," said Barbara Sample, the victim’s mother, who said Palmer had been part of the family for 28 years.

"It surprised me to learn that she was not deceased …that she was actually still alive," said Det. Barry Honea with the Lawrenceville Police Department.

Honea said Palmer faces an aggravated assault charge and third degree cruelty to children, which is a misdemeanor in Georgia. Honea said that's not enough.

"At the age of 5, that child is going to remember that. She is probably going to have some long-term effects," said Honea.

Palmer was being held without bond Friday at Gwinnett County jail.

Sample said she is trying to heal physically and emotionally to make sure her 5-year-old daughter is OK.

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