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Dentist Pleads Guilty To Killing Wife, Girlfriend


Dorothy "Dolly" Hearn
Jennifer and Barton Corbin
Barton Corbin plead guilty Friday to the murders of his wife and girlfriend.


Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter says even though dentist Barton Corbin could be considered for parole in 18 years, he says he believes it will be longer.

Porter says he believes parole consideration will NOT come for at least 28 years -- based on the parole board's record.

Porter says the case again Corbin was cracked when investigators linked the gun used to kill Jennifer Corbin to Richard Wilson, a close friend of Barton Corbin's from Troy, Alabama. Porter talked to Wilson on Wednesday and verified that Wilson had given Corbin the gun on November 30, 2004. The couple's seven-year-old son found his mother dead on December 4, 2004.

Jennifer and Barton Corbin Jennifer and Barton Corbin

Five days earlier, Barton Corbin had filed for divorce and was suing for custody of their two boys -- the other was five at the time -- and ownership of their home in the Atlanta suburb of Buford.

Families Speak Out

After the guilty pleas, the families of Jennifer Corbin and Dolly Hearn spoke to Barton Corbin.

Years of anguish released in tears and expressed through hugs. Before Bart Corbin heard his sentence for the murders of Jennifer Corbin and Dolly Hearn – a long-awaited opportunity for the victims’ families to say a few, but powerful words to Bart Corbin.

“God might forgive you. I never will. I speak for my family when I say I just virtually hope you burn in hell,” said Jennifer’s father Max Barber.

“He deserves no place in society. Sixteen years of silence, 16 years of pain,” said Dolly’s brother Carlton Hearn, Jr.

Max Barber assured his former son-in-law that 7-year-old Dalton and 9-year-old Dillon would be taken care of – they are Bart and Jennifer Corbin’s two sons.

“Dalton and Dillon are going to get the love, they’re going to get the warmth, the comfort they need,” said Max Barber.

Outside the courtroom, District Attorney Danny Porter and Jennifer Corbin’s sister say today – justice has been served.

“I think it was a situation where law enforcement working together closed the circle and put Dr. Corbin in a position that he really had no other alternative than to plead guilty,” said Porter.

Jennifer’s sister, Heather Tierney, held up a picture of her sister and said, “This was my sister. This is Jennifer Barber. She was a mother, she was a sister, she was a daughter, she was an aunt, she was a teacher and she was a dear friend to a lot of people. And she was murdered by Barton Corbin.”

History Of The Case

Back before Corbin admitted committing two murders, his attorneys said coincidence is not evidence. But what first got the attention of police was the one thing that both Dolly Hearn and Jennifer Corbin had in common – Barton Corbin.

Dorothy Hearn Dorothy "Dolly" Hearn

Dorothy Hearn, know to friends as Dolly, died in 1990 from a single gunshot wound to the right side of the head. At the time, Corbin’s dental school sweetheart was believed to have committed suicide in her Augusta apartment, although she left no note.

Barton Corbin was questioned by Richmond County authorities at the time, but was not charged.

Family friends say they knew Dolly had broken up with Corbin, and were suspicious.

“None of us ever believed that Dolly took her own life and there was a lot of reasons to believe that she had not,” said friend Jane Newsome.

Corbin went on to become a dentist, and married a preschool teacher named Jennifer.

But in 2004, she too was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the right side of the head. Her body found by her 7-year-old son, without a suicide note.

The similarities between the deaths – 14 years apart – could not be ignored.

Dolly Hearn’s case was re-opened and a Richmond County grand jury indicted Corbin for Dolly’s murder within days – even before he was charged with his wife’s death.

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