Updated: 6:28 p.m. Monday, June 30, 2008 | Posted: 4:54 p.m. Monday, June 30, 2008

Builder Accused Of Shooting, Killing Worker


A worker was shot and killed on a job site by a builder who told police he was looking for burglars, according to officials.

The worker and two other men said they were planning to spend the night at the Coweta County home because they didn’t want to drive home to Gwinnett County.

Builder Richard Jason Veitch told deputies that it was an accident when his shotgun went off and killed a construction worker. But a witness said Veitch committed murder.

“The guy, he don’t wait for nothing, just kill my cousin,” said the victim's cousin, Jorge Del Angel.

Gaston Gonzalez, 23, was shot and killed, and his cousin said it was not an accident.

“No accident. I know there’s no accident. That guy, he’s like this,” said Del Angel.

Del Angel was there when Coweta County detectives said Veitch shot and killed Gonzalez near a home that was under construction.

“Apparently, he had been staking out the property,” said Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager.

Veitch owned the home and had previous problems with burglaries.

Officials said around midnight Friday, Veitch saw a van with three Hispanic men arrive at the home. Detectives said Veitch ordered the men to the ground, and Gonzalez, who doesn’t speak English, wouldn’t put his hands behind his head.

“Mr. Veitch then with the shotgun nudged him or poked him with the shotgun in the back and that’s when the gun discharged,” said Yeager.

Gonzalez was killed.

Del Angel told a different story. He said he and his cousins, Gaston and Rolando, had finished drywalling the home Friday. Since it was late and they lived in Norcross and had to come back the next day, Del Angel said they decided to sleep in their van.

Del Angel said Veitch pulled up with a relative, ordered them to the ground and kicked Gaston when he didn’t put his hand on his head. Del Angel said then Veitch pointed a shotgun at him and pulled the trigger.

Yeager said hours prior to the shooting Veitch asked deputies if he could stake out his land and shoot burglars who came onto his property. The sheriff’s deputies told him he could not do that.

Veitch faces murder and aggravated assault charges.

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