'Petite angel' steps into action to help reporter running errand for sick wife

By: Kimberly Richardson


ATLANTA - Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that have the largest impact on someone. 

Not many Channel 2 Action News viewers know, but Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne's wife is a fighter. Kate Winne is a 10-time colon cancer survivor. 

On Thanksgiving Day, Mark and Kate spent their day in the hospital. Kate is there and desperately wanted a Coca-Cola Freezoni. Hydration is a critical issue for her condition, so Mark headed out to find one. 

When Mark arrived at a QuikTrip convenience store he learned that was the only flavor they were out of. 


“I went to the counter and explained to them why I was there,” Winne explained.

A lot of people could’ve easily said, “I’m sorry we only offer what’s available,” but, to Winne’s surprise, a “petite angel in red and khaki” told him it would just take a few minutes.

Da'Janay Baskin, 21, jumped into action immediately.

Within seconds, Mark saw Baskin grab a big QuikTrip cup of coke and a cup of ice. Then, she went behind the food counter and whipped up a handmade Freezoni.

"She gave me something else on the long list of things for which I'm thankful," Winne said.



Wow, this is is America, baby. This remarkable young woman @missbaskin_ is the star of my Thanksgiving story. My brave wife is in the hospital and hydration is a critical issue, so when she told me she craved a Coca Cola Freezoni, I headed out to find one. When I got to the convenience store that sells 'em, that was the only flavor that was out. I went to the counter, told em my wife dispatched me from the hospital to get a Coca Cola Freezoni and was told it would be 20 minutes. So then this petite angel in red and khaki swung into action, entirely on her own initiative, in behalf of a stranger. She took a Big Q cup of coke, a cup of ice, went behind the food counter and I heard the whir of a blender or mixer and she whipped up a handmade Freezoni. And gave me something else on the long list of things for which I'm thankful, to wit, that kindness, that sweet spirit shown to a weary pilgrim. Really moved me. Of course I don't do endorsements, but @quiktrip should be proud of this young woman. Her coworkers were kind too. How did I wrangle her IG name? Hey, I'm a humble reporter @ @wsbtv

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