Girl shows off new, pink prosthetic blade in heartwarming video


Girl shows off her new, pink prosthetic blade in heartwarming video

It's a heartwarming video out of Birmingham, England.

In the video shot and shared by the BBC's "Midlands Today", a little girl named Anu, 7, sporting a bright yellow dress and a brand-new, bright pink prosthetic "sports blade," is greeted by her classmates with hugs and smiles on the school playground.

"It makes me run faster," Anu told "Midlands Today."

Calling it her "pink leg," Anu said the new blade also helped her "street dancing" and helped make recess at school much more enjoyable.

According to "Midlands Today," Anu had her right leg amputated at birth. And, though she has a prosthetic leg that she wears daily, she received the new sports blade as part of the UK.. program.

In 2016, the government promised that nearly $2 million would be made available to children in England in need of prosthetic limbs. The funding, however, is expected to run out mid-2018 and the sports prosthetics have to be replaced every two years.