Middle school teacher killed in wreck with tractor trailer



One woman is dead and two other people are in critical condition after the car they were in was hit and sent flying into an oncoming tractor-trailer.

It happened just after 4:30 p.m. on Camp Creek Parkway near Campbellton Road.

Investigators told Channel 2's Ryan Young the wreck was caused by a teenage girl driving a red Honda losing control of her car. Police said it hit a Saturn and sent that car into oncoming traffic.

That is when the Saturn was hit by a tractor-trailer.

The woman who died was 40-year-old Shireen Haynes,  a teacher at Sandtown Middle School. They said a coworker and the coworker's husband were in the car with her at the time of the wreck, and both of them are currently in critical condition at a hospital.

Police have not released any information on any possible charges at this point.

Haynes has a teenage son and daughter and recently moved to the Atlanta area from New York.