Metro Atlanta cleans up from Saturday's storms


ATLANTA,None - Strong storms moved through Georgia on Saturday, causing damage across metro Atlanta.

Georgia Power crews were still working on Sunday to restore power to about 1,000 customers statewide, about half of those in metro Atlanta.

In southwest Atlanta, high winds knocked over several trees on Langhorn Street.

A tree crashed through a home on Shenfield Drive in north Fulton County around 6:30 p.m., hours after the storms passed through.

An 18-month-old boy was in a bedroom of the home when the large tree broke through the bedroom wall.

“I don’t know what to say. I was holding him and then we heard this loud bang and he started screaming,” resident Nancy Akincole said.

The family will have to stay in a hotel while repairs are made to the home.

Coweta and Heard counties were under a tornado warning for part of the day, and strong winds snapped trees and caused minor damage to several properties in Coweta.

Coweta County Emergency Management director Jay Jones told Channel 2 Action News reporter Carl Willis that there were 10 cases of damage reported.

Jones said most of the cases were just snapped trees, but said there were a few instances where those trees caused minor damage to gutters, decks and siding.

Most of the damage was concentrated around the area of Martin Mill Road and Gordon Road in Moreland.

Shannon Archer said he heard the tornado warning around 11:30 a.m. on Channel 2 Action News.

Within minutes, he said a tree came crashing down, delivering a glancing blow to his house.

"If the tree would have been about four feet longer, we probably would have lost that side of the porch," he said.

This was the closest call that he's experienced in 17 years in the home.

"When the wind hit, we got under the stairwell and it lasted about 10 seconds," Archer said. "Things were hitting the house. We had a swing hit the house."

Curtis Brown, who lives a quarter of a mile away from Archer and runs a tree service, said he knew he'd have plenty of work to do.

"The wind was howling just like a bunch of wolves howling at one time," Brown said.

Brown had already started cleaning up at one neighbor's home. A tree fell on a fence and the homeowner worried his horses might get out.

Down the road, neighbor Gary Puckett said he was almost caught in the middle of the fierce wind as he and his daughter got their ponies to safety.

"By the time we ran inside and went to the kitchen, I got them together and looked out the window and it was already past us," Puckett said. "Instantly, the trampoline was thrown against the fence; never touched the house, though."

Jones said a tornado warning was issued around 11:30 a.m.

By 12:30 p.m., Jones said calls reporting downed trees and power lines started coming in.

About 12 miles away in Senoia, a senior center received minor roof damage and a nearby baseball field had its scoreboard toppled.

Still, no injuries were reported.

"I feel very lucky actually," said Archer. "I feel like we got spared."

Jones said about 10 homes were without power after the storm, but power was restored to those homes Saturday afternoon.

Clouds and a 20 percent chance of rain are forecast for Sunday, but severe weather is predicted again Monday morning.