• Manhunt for cross-dressing bank robber turns up empty for second time

    By: Ross Cavitt


    MARIETTA, Ga.,None - For the second day this week, police sealed off and searched a neighborhood looking for a bank robber they consider armed and dangerous.

    And for the second time this week, Marietta police said they have come up empty handed!

    "Police were able to confirm through video footage that he was in fact here," David Baldwin with the Marietta Police Department said.

    Police think John McCrary was hungry and came into a Waffle House off Canton Road for a bite to eat, then flashed a gun at a waitress before running off into a nearby neighborhood.

    That brought out another all-out manhunt as police tried unsuccessfully to track him down.


    It had unfolded right behind the La Petite Daycare, which was full of kids.

    "I started getting worried when the cop came into La Petite saying don't let anyone in, or don't let anyone out pretty much either," Carla Redding from La Petite Academy said.

    "I just kind of went around back to make sure that all the doors make sure they were locked, all the doors were locked up," Lariesha Burge of La Petite Academy said.

    McCrary has been on the run in Marietta for days since police identified him as the cross-dressing bank robber who on Halloween had gone into a BB&T bank branch and got away with some cash.

    Police nabbed McCrary's suspected accomplice after a manhunt in a neighborhood Tuesday, but McCrary, still packing heat, has managed to slip through the dragnet.

    Police want residents to help them be on the lookout.

    "We'd like for them to stay indoors and keep their docks locked, don't approach him under any conditions and if you see anything suspicious please call 911 immediately," Baldwin said.

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