Man arrested after puppy thrown from car

by: Diana Davis Updated:

Dozer continues to recover at the vets. He is expected to recover completely.

JONESBORO, Ga. - The Clayton County Sheriff's Office said a 10-week-old boxer puppy was thrown from a moving car and left to die in a Jonesboro neighborhood.

Corey Jackson told Channel 2's Diana Davis said he saw an SUV speed by seconds later the bleeding puppy crawled to the curb.

"He was bleeding. I went, got a towel, wrapped him up, not touching him, but he was scared. I love dogs. To see a dog in so much pain, it was sad," Jackson said.

Clayton County Animal Control was going to euthanize the dog because of the severity of its injuries.

Instead, a Clayton County animal rescue group brought the boxer to a Henry County veterinarian in McDonough.

"All four paws and pads were severely damaged," veterinarian Dr. Erica Ortiz said. "The worst of the injuries were on his feet. He had basically rubbed the paw pads off both front feet. He also had abrasions on his chest."

The clinic staff said the puppy, which they've named Dozer, has a sweet disposition.

They are having a tough time understanding why someone could do something so cruel.

"He's just a typical puppy. He wants to play, he wants to chew. He wants to give kisses. He wants to run around. He's a sweetheart," Ortiz said.

Police have arrested Quincy McDonnell, 21, in the case.

McDonell said the boxer belongs to his brother and was snatched from the front yard and tossed out of the car by someone else.

Corey Jackson told Davis, McDonnell told him the same story. But that his word and actions didn't ring true.

"Because of the way he was acting, you know? How you can read people's emotions and body language. My sister and I thought something doesn't add up right," Jackson said.

Officers arrested McDonell for obstruction.

Dozer continues to recover at the vets. He is expected to recover completely, according to Ortiz.

"He's already walking really well. He's not showing any signs of limping, which he was a couple of days ago," Ortiz said.

Already, Ortiz said her office has been flooded with calls from people who want to adopt Dozer.

He should be ready to go home in a week or so.

The vet said potential adoptive families will be closely checked and interviewed.