• Looting Feared In Tornado Ravaged Areas

    SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. - Some victims of Wednesday's tornadoes are now worried about looting-- people stealing what little they have left.

    In the Vaughn community in Northwest Spalding County, a few homeowners were spending the night in tents and were armed with guns just in case looters tried to come in the night.

    Mike Porte has been staying in front of his family's home since Wednesday. "Gotta watch the house. People come in and take whatever they want," Porte said.

    Channel 2‘s Tony Thomas asked Porte on Friday night: "How many more days you going to do that for?"

    "Probably a couple more days until we get everything out," Porter replied as he and his friends hauled a large gun safe out of the remains of the house.

    Porter's father, Paul, sat in front of the home. "I am armed for my protection and everybody else's out here," he said.

    The Sheriff's Department has added extra patrols as well, trying to prevent any nighttime looting.

    During the day, it's not the fear of taking but the blessing of giving that's overwhelming many of these residents. And they couldn't be more grateful.

    Pastor Daniel Holloway put up a roadside sign Friday afternoon asking for donations from passers-by. Five hours later he handed out the cash to the 10 nearby homeowners.

    Holloway said he was surprised by the reaction. "$1,280 just by people coming by, " he said.

    Residents are grateful for the generosity.

    "They've even brought us sunscreen because we've been burning. Everybody's been great!" resident Susan Barretto said.

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